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Price - USD 197

OVPE 2.0 Complete Course

You will receive the complete course (in home-study format/ebook form) on how to start and run this virtual property management business. You will also receive free updates from time to time. You will also get access to our Members Area and our online Forum where you can learn more about this business from  other members from all over the world. A healthy discussion with fellow members will give you new ideas on how to approach this business from different perspectives.

Question :

How many internet businesses do you know that can give you consistent, recurring (repeat) income month after month?

Answer :

To be frank, there are NOT that many. This is one of them.

But you need to do it correctly to enjoy that kind of income. Just rinse and repeat the whole thing and your virtual property empire will soon expand, my young Padawan :-)

Until today for most Internet businesses this “single purchase” phenomenon is still the biggest problem for Internet marketers. What this means literally is that your customer buys from you once and that’s it. You have to look for new customers every single day which is quite tiring after a while. You don’t make much from single purchases. But you can make lots of money from repeat purchases from the same customers. This is what this complete course is all about - making money month after month from tenants of your virtual properties.

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