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Please find below the relevant payment details.

Local payments in RM at Malaysian banks


Our company account is with Standard Chartered and it might be a bit difficult to find a StanChart branch nearby.

So for payments through local Malaysian banks we have designated an account below (CIMB account) through which we can receive the payments and check them through Internet banking.

We would appreciate it if you can make your payments to the account below.



The details are as listed below –






Account number – 7602348691


Account name - Hamizah Abdul Hamid


Account type - Savings



Option 1 - OVPE 2.0 Complete Course / Ebook Hartanah Maya 2.0  


Pay in full, total = RM 800

You can pay to the account above through the ATM machines of your local Malaysian bank OR through CIMB’s CDM (Cash Deposit Machines) OR through Internet banking.

If you are paying through Internet banking, please make sure that you choose the “Immediate Transfer” or "Instant Transfer" option. There is a small RM1 transfer fee for that.

Do not choose "Giro Transfer" as it will take 3 days to clear.


After completing your payment, kindly send your payment details to our staff at  

ovpe@onlinevirtualpropertyempire.com .


We will send you the download link after payment is confirmed by the bank.



Thank you.


Adam Gibrani

The OVPE Team